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Get Financing

We Finance Hope

For 20 years, people have been spreading the word about the "Loan Fund."

Get Involved

Get Involved

When you get involved, you can help transform blighted buildings into bustling homes and flourishing businesses.

Policy Initiatives

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Tax Lien Foreclosure Prevention
Links to Tax Lien Foreclosure Prevention
Healthy Foods Financing
Links to Healthy Foods Financing

Hartford Community Loan Fund

HCLF is a not-for-profit community development financial institution (CDFI) with a mission to provide and promote just and affordable financial services that benefit the low-wealth residents of Hartford.

We’ve facilitated more than $40 million of investments in the hopes and dreams of homeowners, community leaders, and entrepreneurs in Connecticut’s neighborhoods.  

Latest News

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was landmark legislation passed in 1977 to help address decades of redlining by banks which had avoided providing financial services in low…
Since the mid-1980s, almost $2.2 billion in low-income housing tax credits have been awarded to construct 27,000 affordable housing units in the state. Just 10% were built in…