Don't Jam Supermarket Into Hartford Stadium Plans

Source: The Hartford Courant

Author: Martha Page and Rex Fowler
Don't Jam Supermarket Into Hartford Stadium Plans

Source:  The Hartford Courant

July 04, 2014 | By MARTHA PAGE AND REX FOWLER | OP-ED, The Hartford Courant

Recently the supermarket operator and sources for financing we had in place for a Downtown North "Healthy Hartford Hub" withdrew their commitments to the project in light of the proposal to build a minor league baseball stadium close to the store site. Since then, numerous city leaders pledged to find another operator to open a store in Downtown North. "A stadium and a supermarket aren't mutually exclusive," we're told. A supermarket is critical for our Downtown and North End neighborhoods and the concept we'd discussed with a dozen community groups over the past year had strong neighborhood support. We ask, however, that city leaders rethink these well-intentioned pledges to find a new operator and consider taking a supermarket out of the plan for Downtown North. The new vision for Downtown North, with proposed development anchored by a baseball stadium, could then be evaluated on its own merits.

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