Accounting Assistant
Hartford Community Loan Fund is expanding our accounting/finance team! We’re looking for someone to help with a variety of accounting and compliance-related tasks. The position is part-time and we think could be a great entry level position for an individual who recently…
North Hartford Needs a Grocery Store
As a person who lives in Clay Arsenal, works in the Northeast neighborhood and has a young child who recently was accepted to Capital Prep Magnet School, it’s clear to me that North Hartford needs a full-service grocery store, and the location behind Keney Clock Tower
HCLF Receives Diverse Community Capital Award
June 4, 2018 | SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) announced that 13 Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) around the U.S. have been selected to receive $12.1 million in lending capital and grants under the Wells Fargo Works for Small…
The Butch Lewis Community Conversation
Shirley Sherrod, a civil rights leader and author of The Courage to Hope, will be participating in two Butch Lewis Community Conversation events in April. Sherrod made national news in 2010 after being targeted by Breitbart and Fox News, and was subsequently forced out of her…
Support Hartford Community Loan Fund
Support Hartford Community Loan Fund by voting for us at Blue State Coffee at 777 Main Street in downtown Hartford. Every vote you cast for HCLF through 12/31/17 means a larger donation from Blue State Coffee to support the work of HCLF!
New Push For Hartford Supermarket Considers Downtown, Neighborhoods
The push for a supermarket in a city that has few options for buying groceries is being resurrected in a new study examining both downtown and nearby neighborhoods. The city and the Hartford Community Loan Fund, a private, not-for-profit focused on neighborhood revitalization,…
Director of Lending
(Hartford, CT) Hartford Community Loan Fund has named Calvin Richardson as the organization’s Director of Lending. Richardson returns to a role he occupied at HCLF from 2006-2008, before joining Fannie Mae where he served as Real Estate Credit Manager for nine years.
Fair housing rule needs to be used everywhere, not weakened
Mike’s family moved from Georgia to Hartford in the late 1980’s. Latin Kings, 20 Love, and other gangs were rampant in the city’s housing projects. He lived in the Martin Luther King projects, snuggled between Dutch Point and R.J. Kinsella Elementary School.
In Memory of Naveed Sobhan
On May 11th, as a result of complications following a fairly routine surgical procedure, the Hartford Community Loan Fund unexpectedly and tragically lost a member of our family, Naveed Sobhan.
A Butch Lewis Community Conversation
Join author, activist, and Columbia film professor Jamal Joseph for a screening and discussion of 13th, a film exploring the history of mass incarceration in the United States!
Hartford Community Loan Fund has Moved
(June, 2016) Effective June 20th, Hartford Community Loan Fund moved into our expanded office space at 215 Garden Street in Hartford’s Asylum Hill neighborhood. Ten years ago our organization expanded from a southend-only focus to a community development financial
Tax Liens Sales in Connecticut Often Target the Most Financially Vulnerable
By Susan Campbell, • 2/24/16 - Say you’re a cash-strapped city, and scattered around town are houses where owners are behind on their property taxes.
Access to banking key to Hartford’s north-end revival
BY REX FOWLER 1/11/2016 - No TV crews or journalists were there last summer when a local credit union opened a new branch on North Main Street in Hartford's northeast neighborhood. But make no mistake, this was one of 2015's biggest wins for the Capital City, and one that has
HCLF Partner CHFA wins 2015 Robert C. Larson Housing Policy Leadership Award
ROCKY HILL, Conn., (October 20, 2015) – The Urban Land Institute (ULI) Terwilliger Center for Housing has awarded the Robert C. Larson Workforce Housing Policy Award to the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority’s (CHFA) Small Multifamily Rental Development Strategy.
The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods
Source: ON A RECENT SATURDAY AFTERNOON, the mayor of Jennings, a St. Louis suburb of about 15,000, settled in before a computer in the empty city council chambers. Yolonda Fountain Henderson, 50, was elected last spring as the city’s first
A Hartford community lender widens its footprints
The $2 million in federal money recently handed to an obscure but vital community lending nonprofit couldn't have come at a better time, its chief says.
CDFI Fund award to HCLF
Hartford Community Loan Fund (HCLF) announced it received a $2 million award from the U.S. Department of Treasury's Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund to support HCLF’s housing rehab lending and technical assistance programs.
Community Capital: Created in Connecticut
Loan by loan, the Hartford Community Loan Fund (HCLF) improves the neighborhoods of Connecticut’s capital city. Though local and small-scale, HCLF is part of the larger story of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), a network of financial intermediaries
City Skyline in New Logo Rendered by Northend Resident
Dwight Teal, born and raised in Hartford’s northend, rendered the Hartford skyline in HCLF’s new logo. “I tried to represent Hartford’s most iconic buildings,” says Teal, “I love architecture, and I often go up to the roof of the [Connecticut]…
Don't Jam Supermarket Into Hartford Stadium Plans
July 04, 2014 | By MARTHA PAGE AND REX FOWLER | OP-ED, The Hartford Courant - Recently the supermarket operator and sources for financing we had in place for a Downtown North "Healthy Hartford Hub" withdrew their commitments to the project in light of the proposal to